About Us

KODAheart was created to respond to frequent requests from Deaf community members for more support and resources for hearing kids of deaf adults and their families. As individuals passionately involved in CODA, KODA, and Deaf community organizations and events, we aim to utilize our unique skills and backgrounds to develop and curate educational resources and activities. We strongly believe that these can be used to build an invaluable bridge across geographic, cultural, and linguistic spaces and create stronger bonds throughout our community.

Our Mission

KODAheart’s mission is to serve hearing kids of deaf adults (KODA) and their families by providing a variety of educational & recreational resources with the aim of encouraging the exploration of their multilingual/multicultural/bimodal experience.

Our Logo

The KODAheart logo is our creative representation of what KODAheart means to us. The center of the infinity symbol highlights the intersection of our worlds, languages, and generations. The solid line encircles and connects the family in shared experiences and affection. It is a KODAheart – a little bit hearing, a little bit Deaf, and always connected in love. What does the KODAheart mean to you?

The KODAheart Board serves the mission of the organization; to serve hearing kids of deaf adults (KODAs) and their families by providing a variety of educational and recreational resources with the aim of encouraging the exploration of their multilingual/multicultural/bimodal experiences. We believe strongly that the composition of the Board of KODAheart should reflect the community- toward this, we request and require the representation of a diversity of experiences, identities, languages, and backgrounds.


President, Jenn Legg

President, Jenn Legg

Jenn has over ten years of experience as a KODA camp director, a role that included supervisory responsibilities as well as developing program content and resources for kodas, staff, and parents. Throughout this period she engaged in outreach activities that involved organizing family events and activities, pop-up camps and prepared presentations at national conferences on the subject of KODAs and their families. Jenn also attended Gallaudet University and is a certified interpreter in the Washington, D.C. area.



[Image description: A head shot of Vice President Robert Loeffler, smiling for a photo in front of a textured background. Bobby is a bald white male and is wearing a white and cream colored shirt with grey stripes on the shoulders with dark rimmed glasses.]

Vice President, Bobby Loeffler

Bobby is a coda, who has been involved with both KODA and CODA organizations. He attended Gallaudet University where he later worked as an assistant coach for the women’s and men’s basketball programs, as well as an interpreter. After moving to Austin, TX, Bobby spent time as the Access Coordinator at the National Deaf Center and as the interpreting coordinator at the University of Texas at Austin, respectively. He is currently the Lead Executive interpreter for the Executive Interpreting Services at Convo Communications. He lives in  Colorado with his partner, coda artist Kate Fitzpatrick, as well as their two cats and deaf dachshund.



Board Member, Weston Pondolfino

Treasurer, Weston Pondolfino

Weston has twelve years of experience as a counselor and Assistant Director at a KODA camp program. Utilizing his Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Endicott College, his responsibilities involved developing age-appropriate athletic and recreational activities with an emphasis on furthering the identity development of the campers. Weston also has experience implementing pop-up camp activities in new communities. He has earned his Masters of Education in Curriculum and Teaching and is currently employed as an ASL teacher at Attleboro High School.



Secretary, Jannelle Legg

Jannelle is an Associate Professor and Project Manager at the Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center at Gallaudet University. She completed her Doctorate in US History at George Mason University and holds dual Masters degrees from Gallaudet University in Deaf History and Deaf Cultural Studies. She has given national and international presentations related to Koda/Coda Studies and her publications include a Masters thesis entitled “Both and Neither; the Hearing Line in Twentieth-Century Coda Literature.”



Board Member, Chad Maldonado

Chad graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelors degree in Communications and currently works in the Washington D.C. area as an ASL Interpreter. He has a wealth of experience as both a camper and counselor at KODA Camp. Chad loves to be outdoors with his two dogs.





KODAheart is a volunteer organization. We welcome the chance to expand and diversify our Board. We encourage the community to contact us with nominations of individuals with expertise and experience who can contribute their unique skills to strengthening the direction of our programming and organization.