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[Image Description: A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] CODA performers to check out now” In the background, rows of seats line the stage of a theatre.]
[Image Description: A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] Ways to build a c/koda identity”. In the background is a close up image of a child playing with colored legos, only the hands and a small part of the face visible. Text to the right reads "Resources and ideas on how to build your c/koda identity!" ]
Image Description: A hawaiian male wearing a tuxedo and long black tie looks at the camera head. The angle is  tilted to the right and he has a serious look on his face. Both of his hands are opening up his jacket. To the right is the text "Read about how Mark Villaver's upbringing has impacted his journey in the dance world!"
[Image Description: ASL Handshapes in yellow, dark blue, teal, and orange spell 'DEAF'. Black and orange text to the right  'AWARENESS week 2017'.Black text to the right reads “Learn about how KODAheart took part in International  Deaf Awareness Week!”.]
On the left, a square image of white text hovering over colorful school supplies, including paper clips and mechanical pencils. The text reads: "KODAheart goes Back to School". On the right, black text on a white background reads "Need tools and tips as your family goes back to school?" A black arrow points from the black text to the square image.



KODAheart was created to respond to frequent requests from Deaf community members for more support and resources for hearing kids of deaf adults and their families. As individuals passionately involved in CODA, KODA, and Deaf community organizations and events, we aim to utilize our unique skills and backgrounds to develop and curate educational resources and activities. We strongly believe that these can be used to build an invaluable bridge across geographic, cultural and linguistic spaces and create stronger bonds throughout our community.