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[Image Description: On the right, black text reads "On the hunt for some cool costume ideas for Halloween? Check out our  list of 10 k/coda-themed costumes!!" A black arrow points to a square image. A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] Costume Ideas Inspired by the Deaf Community!” In the background, a close-up photograph of candy corn and pumpkins, bright orange, yellow, white, green, and brown candies in the shape of corn and pumpkins.]
[Image Description: On the right, black text reads "Do you know about athletics and the signing community? Check out our 10 list!" A black arrow points to a square image. A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] Sports Things- the Deaf Community Impact”. In the background is an image of a baseball player sliding into a base. On the left, the foot of another player steps on the plate.]
[Image Description: A young boy in a blue Adidas t-shirt smiles while signing the word ‘quarantine’. Text to the right reads “KODAheart’s [10] things to do during Quarantine”]
Image Description: The text in dark blue-green reads “Happy Mother-Father Deaf Day from KODAheart”. Under the text are three yellow figures signing three different versions of the phrase. In the first image, the right hand is signing “mother father“. In the second, the hand signs “mother mother” and the last one, signs “father father.” In each image the left hand is signing “deaf.” The KODAheart heartfinity is in the middle of their chests.
[Image Description: A black and white photo of a football player in full gear wearing jersey 49 running with the football cradled in his left arm. In the background many fans sitting in the stands watch  in suspense. To the right of the photo is text that reads "1st Coda in the NFL! Read bout Charlie Babb in this month's KODAspotlight!"]
On the left, a square image of white text hovering over colorful school supplies, including paper clips and mechanical pencils. The text reads: "KODAheart goes Back to School". On the right, black text on a white background reads "Need tools and tips as your family goes back to school?" A black arrow points from the black text to the square image.



KODAheart was created to respond to frequent requests from Deaf community members for more support and resources for hearing kids of deaf adults and their families. As individuals passionately involved in CODA, KODA, and Deaf community organizations and events, we aim to utilize our unique skills and backgrounds to develop and curate educational resources and activities. We strongly believe that these can be used to build an invaluable bridge across geographic, cultural and linguistic spaces and create stronger bonds throughout our community.