KODAheart Activism Postcards


Writing letters and postcards can be a productive activity for parents and kids who would like to take action to support democracy. Model civic responsibility for your children by working together to craft messages of advocacy, gratitude, or reproach. Some ideas include a letter to your state legislature supporting National Lead-K Campaign for Deaf Kids or Deaf Grassroots Movement – DGM, a letter to various Hollywood studios to support Deaf Talent, or a letter to your local movie theater headquarters such as AMCRegal Cinemas, or Cinemark to request more open caption movies be shown locally. Another idea is reaching out to your local deaf club about specific needs or incidents that should be addressed such as initiating a conversation with your local law enforcement community, sharing NAD’s police and law enforcement resource to fight for equal treatment. Reach out to local deaf organizations to possibly host training opportunities, panels for deaf people of color and other minorities.

Americans Of Conscience is a great resource for national issues with an organized checklist as well as the contact information for your House and Senate representatives. You may download and print these postcards, adding your own colors and comments, or create your own. It’s never too early to get your family involved in activities that support various causes directly affecting the deaf community.