10 C/Koda THAT Tendencies and Traits

    Deaf-koda families navigate the intersection between both the hearing and deaf worlds. Their household experiences are a unique blend of language features and cultural behaviors. At camps and conferences where Koda families gather, deaf parents often identify a loose collection of traits exhibited by Kodas, which are an expression of their multicultural identities… Continue Reading 10 C/Koda THAT Tendencies and Traits

10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 8

The holiday season is upon us and with it the challenge of gift-giving! This winter many of us are facing inflation, economic uncertainty, and are concerned with contributing to corporate profits. If you have the means, consider shopping within our deaf community by choosing a gift from one of the small businesses listed below. For… Continue Reading 10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 8

Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage(1997- )

Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage was born in Twin Falls, Idaho on January 3rd, 1997 to Roddy Cabbage and Emma Lozada. Roddy and Emma met at Gallaudet University and now both currently work at the New Mexico School for the Deaf. Sabrina is the middle child of three. Her oldest brother, Henry, and youngest brother, Bailey, are also… Continue Reading Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage(1997- )

10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 7

    The holiday season could feel different again this year, many friends and family may be unable to travel or visit due to the ongoing pandemic. If you do have the means and gift-giving is something you enjoy- take a look at this list of small businesses from within the deaf community to purchase items… Continue Reading 10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 7

KODAheart Post-Secondary Readiness Resource

  Planning for life after high school can be overwhelming and intimidating! There are various pathways available for students including technical/vocational certification programs, enlisting in the military, directly entering the workforce and starting their career, or working towards a degree; an associates degree at a two year community college or bachelor’s degree at a four… Continue Reading KODAheart Post-Secondary Readiness Resource

Coda Olympians

CODA Olympians in the Tokyo 2020 games   Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage (Puerto Rico) Sabrina, 24 played center on the Puerto Rico women’s basketball team. The team has placed 12th in the 2020 Olympic games. Her parents, Roddy and Emma, both work at the New Mexico School for the Deaf. Although Sabrina was born in Idaho and… Continue Reading Coda Olympians

Chris Hyche (1988- )

Christopher “the Animal” Hyche was born in Jackson, Mississippi on September 16, 1988. His father Cornelius Payton worked as a housekeeper at the local fire academy and his mother Wendalon worked at Skytel, a telecommunications company. His parents met at the Mississippi School for the Deaf and went on to have six children. Chris also… Continue Reading Chris Hyche (1988- )

KODAheart Activism Postcards

  Writing letters and postcards can be a productive activity for parents and kids who would like to take action to support democracy. Model civic responsibility for your children by working together to craft messages of advocacy, gratitude, or reproach. Some ideas include a letter to your state legislature supporting National Lead-K Campaign for Deaf Kids or Deaf Grassroots… Continue Reading KODAheart Activism Postcards

10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 6

  2020 has been an overwhelming year! From the pandemic to politics shopping for the holidays might be the last thing on your mind! Don’t fret- the KODAheart team has compiled ANOTHER list of gift ideas for you to chose gifts for your loved ones! The best part? These gifts keep on giving, they are created by/purchased… Continue Reading 10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 6

Anti-Racism Resources

        General:  List of resources by Black Lives Matters  Anti Racism google doc resources  Anti Racism resource for beginners List of ways to support by Now This Protesting during pandemic by @Unnff & @Irnsark  Can’t be on the frontline? By @Elletheartist Virtual protesting by @Sa.liine 10 Steps to non-optical allyship by @Mireillecharper… Continue Reading Anti-Racism Resources