Coda Olympians

CODA Olympians in the Tokyo 2020 games   Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage (Puerto Rico) Sabrina, 24 played center on the Puerto Rico women’s basketball team. The team has placed 12th in the 2020 Olympic games. Her parents, Roddy and Emma, both work at the New Mexico School for the Deaf. Although Sabrina was born in Idaho and… Continue Reading Coda Olympians

Chris Hyche (1988- )

Christopher “the Animal” Hyche was born in Jackson, Mississippi on September 16, 1988. His father Cornelius Payton worked as a housekeeper at the local fire academy and his mother Wendalon worked at Skytel, a telecommunications company. His parents met at the Mississippi School for the Deaf and went on to have six children. Chris also… Continue Reading Chris Hyche (1988- )

Charlie Babb (1950- )

With the 49th pick in the 5th round of the 1972 National Football League draft the Miami Dolphins select, Charlie Babb, the first-known Coda to enter professional football. Since Charlie, a number of other codas have gone on to play in the NFL. Born February 4th, 1950 in Sikeston, Missouri; Charlie was the child of… Continue Reading Charlie Babb (1950- )

Myron Uhlberg (1933- )

Myron Uhlberg is an acclaimed coda author of several children’s books as well as his adult memoir, Hands of My Father. He was born July 1,1933 in Brooklyn New York.  Uhlberg’s family included his deaf parents Louis and Sarah and his younger coda brother Irwin. Louis became deaf at the age of four after he… Continue Reading Myron Uhlberg (1933- )

Shirley Childress (1947-2017)

Dr. Shirley Childress, known as the “Mother of Songs Sung”, worked tirelessly as an interpreter and advocate for the Deaf community. Shirley was born in 1947 to Herbert  and Thomasina Childress in Washington D.C. Her father, Herbert became deaf at 6 years old from spinal meningitis. He attended the Tennessee School for the Colored Deaf… Continue Reading Shirley Childress (1947-2017)

Mark Villaver (1990- )

  Mark Villaver, the YouTube sensation well-known for dancing with his deaf mother, recently took his talents to FOX on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Born July 3rd, 1990 in Honolulu Hawaii,  Mark was the second of four children. His mother Emilia was born in the Philippines in 1968. At the age of two,… Continue Reading Mark Villaver (1990- )

Delight Rice (1883-1964)

Dr. Delia Delight Rice, teacher and missionary, was pivotal in the development of educational facilities in the Philippines in the early twentieth century. Born on July 3rd 1883, Delight was the second of four children. Her parents, Charles and Alice Rice both become deaf at young ages and attended the Ohio School for the Deaf.… Continue Reading Delight Rice (1883-1964)

Heather Gallagher (1985 – )

Heather Gallagher, a family and documentary photographer living in Austin, Texas, draws on her multilingual, biracial background to “tell other peoples’ stories [and] … capture their family in their true dynamic.” Heather was born in Arlington, Virginia on December 16, 1985. She was raised by her parents Tom and Yen Gallagher, with her older brother… Continue Reading Heather Gallagher (1985 – )

John “Stan” Schuchman (1938- 2017 )

Well-known for his role as professor of history at Gallaudet University, John “Stan” Schuchman has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to serving the deaf community. Recently an endowment, made by him and his wife Betty J. Shuchman, ensured the continued study of deaf history through the Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center at Gallaudet. Stan, an only child,… Continue Reading John “Stan” Schuchman (1938- 2017 )

Luella (French) Nyhus (1883-1934)

Daughter of George C. French and Caroline Brown French, Luella Nyhus was an important advocate for deaf citizens in Minnesota in the early twentieth century. She worked closely with deaf organizations to promote the employment of deaf workers in Minnesota and across the United States. In 1916, Nyhus was appointed Superintendent of the Division for… Continue Reading Luella (French) Nyhus (1883-1934)