Elizabeth Criswell (1938-2013)

A dedicated advocate for the deaf community, Elizabeth Criswell worked tirelessly to provide communication access to deaf people in the state of Texas. Since she was young she aimed to bring together both of her worlds, hearing and deaf. As an adult she worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. Among her accomplishments is the founding of the Deaf… Continue Reading Elizabeth Criswell (1938-2013)

Yolonzo “Yo” Moore, II (1993 – )

College basketball coach, Yolonzo “Yo” Moore, II, is proud of his heritage. In an interview with the KODAheart team, Yo explained, “I have a very big, funny, interracial family. My mother being white and my father being black, I always joke around and tell people that I have the best of both worlds.” Yo was… Continue Reading Yolonzo “Yo” Moore, II (1993 – )

Tamanna Phadke (1997- )

Recently, the KODAheart team sat down with Tamanna Phadke, a performer that is bringing her unique experiences to the forefront of her spoken-word poetry. Known for incorporating themes from her multilingual and multicultural coda background, Tamanna describes her poetry as a form of catharsis, a way of releasing her thoughts and emotions in a meaningful… Continue Reading Tamanna Phadke (1997- )

Stefan LeFors (1981- )

Stefan LeFors is the first Coda quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). In 1972, Charlie Babb became the first Coda to play in the league, but since then a number of others have gone on to join, including Lefors. Stefan was born in Denham Springs, Louisiana (just outside of Baton Rouge) on June 7th,… Continue Reading Stefan LeFors (1981- )

Frank Read, Jr. (1866-1920)

Frank Read Jr. was one of many children of deaf adults involved in deaf education. He served as superintendent of several deaf residential schools and was a lifelong advocate for deaf people. Frank and Cassie Read, graduates of the Illinois School for the Deaf, raised their four sons in Jacksonville, Illinois. His father was a… Continue Reading Frank Read, Jr. (1866-1920)

Frank Gallimore (1978- )

Frank Gallimore was born in Valencia, California on October 11, 1978. Shortly after his birth Max Gallimore and Laurene Simms moved their three children to Oregon. Frank has fond memories of his early childhood, playing with his older siblings Jed and Rosa in the fields and woods near their home. In an interview with the… Continue Reading Frank Gallimore (1978- )

Jamaal Anderson (1986- )

Jamaal Anderson is the third coda to be drafted to the NFL (National Football League) and the first one to be drafted in the first round. On February 6th,1986, at a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, Glenn and Karen Anderson welcomed their second child, Jamaal, to the world. Glenn and Karen had met while they… Continue Reading Jamaal Anderson (1986- )

William Homer Thornberry (1909-1995)

William Thornberry, known as Homer, was born in Austin, Texas on January 9, 1909. Both of his parents, Mary and William Thornberry, were teachers at the Austin School for the Deaf. As a young man, Thornberry attended Austin High School followed by the University of Texas. He worked his way through school as a deputy… Continue Reading William Homer Thornberry (1909-1995)

Winfield McChord (1940-2006)

A passionate educator and advocate for the deaf community, Winfield McChord was raised in Kentucky by two deaf parents. His father worked as a linotype operator, and both graduated from the Kentucky School for the Deaf in 1935. McChord received a Bachelors degree from Transylvania College in 1962 and a Masters degree from Gallaudet before… Continue Reading Winfield McChord (1940-2006)

Elizabeth Benson (1904-1972)

At two years old, Elizabeth English Benson was featured in the popular deaf newspaper, The Silent Worker (May 1906, vol 18, no. 8). The column, “Typical Children of Deaf Parents” (also known as “Types of Children of Deaf Parents”) appeared regularly and featured photographs of hearing children. She was pictured with her sister and parents,… Continue Reading Elizabeth Benson (1904-1972)