10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season Vol. 8

The holiday season is upon us and with it the challenge of gift-giving! This winter many of us are facing inflation, economic uncertainty, and are concerned with contributing to corporate profits. If you have the means, consider shopping within our deaf community by choosing a gift from one of the small businesses listed below. For even more gift ideas, take a peek at lists from previous years, linked at the bottom of this page.


1. Knotty Nieves

Help your friends and daily stay warm this winter with knitted hats, scarves, and headbands! Check out the shop for all the various colors and sizes – you can also find crochet coffee cup sleeves and coasters! This woman-owned deaf Cuban shop also has a section just for Christmas decorations, make sure to stop and check them out!

[Image Description: A row of 5 images are shown. The first on the left is a light blue headband. The next one over is a burnt orange knitted hat with a pom on top. To the right of that is a dark blue headband and then a maroon headband with a heart pin. The last photo is 3 pink knitted coasters and a mug with coffee on top of one.]

2. Artfully Artistic

Deaf artist Czaza Reyes began creating handmade popup work as a child and today she offers a variety of designs from flowers and plants to sports teams and favorite tv characters. There is also an option to customize your own frame! In addition to art, she also has various keychains and jewelry available for sale on her site.

[Image Description: 4 images of artwork are in a horizontal row. The image to the farthest left is the ILY sign surrounded by pink flowers. The image next to that is a yellow outline of the ILY with white lines surrounding it. To the right of that is a dark green ILY sign on top of the Philadelphia Eagles mascot and the word “EAGLES '' to the left of it. The last photo on the right is the ILY sign surrounded by multicolored dots.]


3. LoveAshleeRose

Specializing in inclusion wear, this shop owner’s goal is to spread awareness about the deaf community! Inspired by her experience working in deaf education, Ashlee intentionally creates items that promote positivity. A portion of sales is donated to deaf education charities!

[Image description: 5 photos of different t-shirt design are lined up next to eachother. The first one is a green shirt with 4 images in a row (monstera plant leaf, an ILY hand shape, a succulent, and hanging plant) outlined in white ink. The next image is a green drawing of an ILY in the shape of a cactus on a grey shirt. The third image is a white outline of a T-Rex wearing a hearing aid on a green shirt. The next shirt is white with an ILY sign wrapped in christmas lights. Finally the last image is of a dark green sweatshirt with an ILY sign surrounded by pine trees. Behind the ILY sign is a moon.]

4. FreshSticker

Looking for a fun way to represent the deaf community? Run on over to Fresh Sticker and pick up some awesome designs that incorporate ASL in a vibrant way! These are awesome for personalizing laptop covers, water bottles, or even phone cases! They are a great gift for those who want to show off that deaf pride!

[Image Description: 5 thumbnail photos of deaf culture related stickers. The first is a black and white sticker with the ASL sign for champ on top of the English word Champ with an exclamation point. The second is a black ILY handshape on a colorful striped background. The third photo is a black and white of the phrase Tru Biz. The next photo is a sticker that has the word CODA in yellow on a red background. The final sticker is a black and white of the “That” handshape next to the word THAT.]

5. Girl and Creativity

Get organized in 2023 with these amazing ASL planners and notepads! From ILY post-it notes to weekly and daily planners, even a to-do list to help stay on task- you’ll be ready for whatever the new year has to bring! Check out the website for even more ASL-centric holiday shirts and accessories!

Get organized in 2023 with these amazing ASL planners and notepads! From ILY post-it notes to weekly and daily planners, even a to- do list to help stay on task- you’ll be ready for whatever the new year has to bring! Check out the website for even more ASL-centric holiday shirts and accessories!

6. The Shirt Collective

From TV shows like “Bridgerton” and “Stranger Things” to coda pride, if you’re looking to express your interests, The Shirt Collective has you covered! With several unique designs and popular tv references as well as various holiday motifs- there are so many to choose from!

Image description: A series of 5 photos are lined up in a row. Each show an image of a shirt or sweater with images on them. The first image is a blue shirt with the word CODA where each letter gets subsequently smaller. C is in yellow, O is in red, D is in light blue, and A is in orange. The next image is of a figure doing 3 different yoga poses in front of the moon. The third image in the row shows the word “HARRINGTON” as an arc on a dark blue shirt. The fourth image is of a dark grey sweater with the words “You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires”.The last image in the row is the CODA image from the first shirt ontop of a lighter gray long sleeve sweater. ]

7. Dirt and Co

Described as bohemian meets southwestern adobe style decor- this storefront has various handmade or curated items to create that boho vibe in your home! Offering various distinctive gifts, you can pick up a set of Talavera tiles with a steel coaster holder or a pair of raw stone earrings for that special person on your list.

ID: Five photos are in a line of various coasters. The first image is 4 coasters made of twine stacked on top of each other. The next three photos are all various ceramic tiles with brightly colored art works on top of them. The last image is of a rustic steel coaster.

8. Take a Trip Co.

Do you have a cyclist on your list? Drawing from personal experience in the cycling world, Take a Trip Co. offers practical carry solutions, designed to meet the needs of a whole range of cyclists from commuters to bike-packers! Each item is hand sewn and created with functionality in mind. Check out this coda-owned site for more cycling products!

ID: Five photos are in a row of various cycling products all covered in tye dye. The first image is a “Seat roll up” storage bag that goes under your seat for essentials. The second photo is a “frame bag” that fits in the center frame of your bike. The third image is of a “to go” box storage system colored in tye dye. The next image in the row is a blue and orange “Snack pack” and the last image is a tye dye “day trip frame bag” .

9. KatrinaSophia

UK deaf artist Katrina Sophia creates some magical nature illustrations- perfect for any gardener or plant lover in your life! Her intricate hand-painted watercolor designs are featured in stationary, washi tape, and greeting cards for all of life’s events!! At the site, you will also find various homeware and holiday decorations as well.

ID: These five photos are showing various stationary products with plant like images on top of them. The first being a cover of a notebook.The second being a page of paper adorned with green cacti on the bottom left corner and some monstara plant leaves on the top right. The next image in the row is a photo of various succulents and cactus behind the word “Grow”. The forth photo in the row is “Washi Tape” with a black background with various plant leaves in a row across the roll of tape. The fifth photo is showing 4 greeting cards with “festive house plants” showing a string of lights around each potted plant.

10. In lieu of a gift, you can contribute to a camper’s summer camp registration! This could help a deaf-hearing family cover the cost of koda camp, transportation fees, or even spending money. Don’t have a camper to support? Instead, make a donation to a camp in honor of a loved one. Check out our Organizations page for updated camp contact information. 

[Image Description: Five photos of various logos for KODA camps, including KodaWest, Koda Camp Midwest, Camp Mark Seven, CODA UK and Ireland, and Koda Camp Ohio.]

** All of the information above can be found online; KODAheart is not liable for any issues with vendors. KODAheart did not receive payment or compensation from the businesses listed, all information is shared solely to encourage patronage of Deaf Community entrepreneurs. Store links are valid at the time of posting. Sellers are encouraged to share updated contact information with us.

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