10 More Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

[Image Description: A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] More Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season.” In the background, a present wrapped in purple paper with a white bow lays on top of a present wrapped in yellow paper with a blue blow.]

Still on the hunt for gift ideas for this holiday season? No Look no further- the KODAheart team has compiled ANOTHER list of gift ideas created by/purchased from members of our own Deaf community (check out last year’s list too)!

1. ArtKate Fizpatrick

From the famed Tower Clock at Gallaudet University to colorful manatees, pick up a bold print from this coda artist! You can also create your own masterpiece with her drawings- find her coloring book here.

[Image description: A banner image featuring four images of different pieces of artwork. The first image contains a drawing of Chapel Hall on Gallaudet Campus. The second image is white shirt with red, blue, and black hearts as well as various styles of the “I love you” sign. The third image contains a drawing of horse The last pane is a drawing of various animals and the words “Wild World” on the top in cursive. ]


2. FoodDeaf Man’s BBQ

BBQ has never tasted this good! Pick up a jar of BBQ sauce for upcoming friend and family get-togethers, available in several different flavors.

[IImage description: 4 BBQ bottles are side by side. Each with a black label that states in different color writing “Deaf Man’s BBQ sauce.” From left to right the four flavors are Bourbon Elite, California Mold, XXX, & Smoky Sweet.]


3. Knitting- Handmade by Maya

Gift list got in you knots? Let these handmade, knitted creations get you on the right track! Take a peek at these beautiful, ASL-inspired pieces, created by a deaf knitter! 

[Image description: A banner image featuring four knitted products.The first image contains a fingerless glove.. The second image is of two purple headbands with the “I-Love-You” handshape in the center of it. The third image contains a colorful knitted water bottle holder with a long strap for carrying. The last pane has two blue potholders with the “I-Love-You” handshape in the center. ]


4. Art- Yiqiao Wang

Stunning watercolors of iconic places and portraits of prominent people from around the world are available from this artist! Snag a print of George Veditz for that deaf history buff or a Baird inspired “Cat” print for language enthusiasts.

[Image description: A banner image featuring four images of different pieces of watercolor artwork The first image contains a drawing of the World Trade Center building in the midst of construction.The second image is of George Veditz signing “Gallaudet”. The third image is of the Eiffel Tower. The last pane is a person signing “flower bloom”. ]


5. Items CODA International Store

Visit this one stop shop for all that CODA International swag! Your gift will allow the coda in your life to showcase their pride, while also helping this important organization do good for communities around the world!

[Image description: A banner image featuring four images of different pieces of coda items. The first image contains a white shirt with black sleeves and the word “Coda” in black lettering.The second image is a white mug with a blue handle and blue rim and the word “Coda” in black lettering. The third image contains a silver medallion with the Coda International logo in the center. The last pane is a light blue phone case with the word “Coda” in black lettering. ]


6. Clothing Route 66

Snag an iconic deaf culture tee or a uniquely designed shirt by a deaf artist! With so many options, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list here!

[Image description: Four different articles of clothing are lined up side by side. On the left is a blue short sleeve shirt with the words, “The Deaf Club” in white lettering.. Next is a navy blue short sleeve shirt with the sign for that in yellow outline. Third is a white short sleeve shirt with an image in black. Last is a black tank top with a variety of different travel images in white.]


7. Jewelry All That Jazz

What about adding some shine to your gift list? Check out these stylish handmade earrings by a deaf Montana mother.



8. Children’s Books-

For the little readers on your list- check out these children books!  Shay and IvySometimes I talk, sometimes I sign, Dad, Jackie and me, Shelly’s Adventures. For additional book ideas, check out our 10 list.)

[Image description: Images of four book covers side by side. The titles are, “Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure”, “Shay & Ivy Beyond the Kingdom”, “Sometimes I Talk, Sometimes I Sign”, and “Dad, Jackie, and Me.”]


9. Furniture/household- FreeStateMillWorks

Looking for a truly unique gift? Check out these “reclaimed” pieces of art for the home!  Coda Jason House from Upper Marlboro, MD also designs custom orders to fit your needs – check out their website to see how several of  these creations are made by hand!

[Image description: Images of three different wooden objects are side by side. The first image is two circular end tables. The second image is a coffee table. The last image is a wine holder with four wine bottles in it. ]


10. Prints/Tee’s- DirtyBeard Press 

Snag some striking prints for both the home and office, and pick up a few t-shirts for children and adults! Don’t forget the pet lovers in your life! You can get your paws on custom-made stationary with a pic of your pooch!

ID:[Image description: Four different shirt logos are side by side. On the left is a cow with the sign for “Cow” on a white background. Next is a blue t-shirt with a black fox signing the sign for “Fox.” Third are the words Rochester New York sandwiching the sign for “Rochester” on the top and bottom. Last is a light blue image of a bull dog on a white background.]

Don’t forget to check out 2015’s Gift Ideas for the holiday season! Do you know of more Deaf community businesses or k/coda gift ideas? Share them with us via email- oneKODAheart@gmail.com!


**All of the information above can be found online; KODAheart is not liable for any issues with vendors. KODAheart did not receive payment or compensation from the businesses listed, all information is shared solely to encourage patronage of Deaf Community entrepreneurs.