10 Gift ideas for the holiday season


[Image Description: “KODAheart’s ten silly questions KODA’s are frequently asked” Is written in black text on top of an image of some children. One of the children, in the foreground, has her finger on her chin with a quizzical expression. She is wearing black glasses and a pink tank top.]Seeking gift ideas for your family member or friend? Look no further! the KODAheart team has compiled a list of gift ideas! The best part? These gifts keep on giving- they are created by/purchased from members of our own Deaf community!

1. ArtFiksu Design

Get a unique family portrait and support a Deaf artist! Choose a picture, sit back and relax!

[Image description: Six different colored portraits in bright colors and black print are layered next to each other. The portraits feature children and adults in different poses.]

2.  JewelryDeafinite designs

Looking to add a little sparkle to your shopping list? Take a peek at these personalized pieces of jewelry.

[Image description: A banner image featuring four images of different pieces of silver jewelry. The first image contains an earring/necklace featuring the ‘I-Love-You’ handshape. The second image is of a rectangle pendant with the words “keep calm and sign ASL” with an ‘I-Love-You’ handshape stamped into it. The third image contains a pendant consisting of two different sized solid circles, the smaller one on top is decorated with an ‘I-Love-You’ handshape, the larger circle is imprinted with the word “mama”. The last pane has an encased circular pendant with the name “Buchholz” and an ‘I-Love-You’ handshape surrounded by three red beads beneath it. ]

3. Cards ASLized

Deaf artist playing cards – for those families who love to play games and famous De’Via works of art!

[Image description: A banner with three images set on dark backgrounds. To the left, colorful artwork featuring a layered image of hands signing “Draw.” The center photo displays a bunch of cards fanned out to show the faces. On the right is the “ASLized” logo, a colorful, artistic design of lines and swirls that form a tree. ]

4. Clothing bymara

Heart on your sleeve? How about ILY on your shirt? check out this and other great designs by a Deaf designer!

[Image description: Four different articles of clothing are lined up side by side. On the left is a teal tank top with multiple stylized ‘I-Love-You’ handshapes in yellow in the shape of a heart across the chest. Next is a black sweatshirt with a stylized ‘I-Love-You’ handshape painted in white. Third is a red t shirt, a white splash of paint in the center with the word “CODA” in the middle of the paint splatter in red. Last is a white tank top with a rainbow colored stylized ‘I-Love-You’ handshape.]


Family member that loves tea or coffee? Complete their morning with one of these great mugs!

[Image description: Three different colored mugs are lined up. Each mug has a visible front and back. The first mug is black and has the words “Hands are for signing, mouths are for coffee“. Behind it is the back side of the mug, printed is the ASL sign for “coffee”. The second mug is green with the words “Hands are for signing, mouths are for tea“. Behind it is the back side of the mug, printed is the ASL sign for “tea”. The third mug is teal and has the words “Hands are for signing, mouths are for coffee“. Behind it is the back side of the mug, printed is the ASL sign for “coffee”.]

6. Books – GU Press

Got a book worm in the family? Pick them up a new book from Gallaudet University Press! Need some ideas? Check out our list of 10 K/Coda Stories for Families!

[Image description: Images of five book covers side by side. The titles are, “Where Is Baby”, “The Deaf Heart”, “Come Sign With Us”, “Deaf Heritage”, and “Hearing, Mother Father Deaf”.]

7. Dog treats –  4Legz

Our furry family members need love too, Check out these yummy GMO-free vegan pet treats!

[Image description: Four bags of pet treats in ziplocked bags with see through front covers are lined up side by side Each one with a different name and different shape. The labels from left to right read Dognuts, Kity Roca, Organic pumpkin, and Chehalis Mint. All of the bags have an american flag sticker on the lower right corner with the words “made in america”.]

8. Art –  That deaf guy

Does your family love Matt’s work? Pick your favorite comic strip!

[Image description: Three panel comic with two children, in the first panel one child is asking the other if sign language is the same as English. In the second panel the child uses clay to spell d-r-a-g-o-n, indicating that it is a representation of English. In the third and last panel the child uses the clay to create a dragon explaining that is what sign language is. ]9. Clothing –  Handsay

Fun and kid-friendly designs representing Deaf Culture!

[Image description: Four panels depicting different t-shirt designs. The first is a drawing of a pen and paper with the words “Paper & Pen please.” The second is a drawing of a light switch with the words “ASL” on the top of the plate and “English” on the bottom. The switch is in the on position. The third has the words “Train-Go Sorry” in video game text. The last has a Closed caption symbol with the words “Caption Reader” in the background.]10. Art – eye-hand

These black and white prints are simply beautiful!

[Image description: A banner of four black and white images depicting four different scenes. On the left the first photo shows a person with a hand replacing his head, and an eye in the palm using a hammer to smash dentures on the table. His left hand is chained down. The second photo to the right shows an artistic representation for the ASL sign butterfly. The third photo shows a woman signing mother. On the right black and white lined shapes show the hand shapes of A, S and L.]


Do you know of more Deaf community businesses or k/coda gift ideas? Share them with us via email- oneKODAheart@gmail.com!