10 Even More Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

[Image description: A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] Even more gift ideas for the holiday season.” In the background is a closeup colorfully wrapped boxes with ribbon bows.]


Still on the hunt for gift ideas for this holiday season? No Look no further- the KODAheart team has compiled ANOTHER list of gift ideas for you!The best part? These gifts keep on giving: they are created by/purchased from members of our own Deaf community! Want more? Check out our lists from previous years list for additional ideas!


1. Food – Pepperbox Coffee

Shopping for a coffee addict? Check out Pepperbox Coffee- Austin’s first deaf- owned coffee shop! Don’t live in Texas? No worries- you can order your brew online!  

[Image description: Four bags of coffee are lined up, all with the Pepperbox Coffee logo and coffee name on the front. The two on the left have a black label with white print, the ones on the right have a white label with black print.]


2. Art – Jon Savage

Looking for something that will draw attention? Check out Deaf artist John Savage’s work, His pop art featuring people, bright colors, and clean-cut painting style will be sure to catch your eye! To see more, stop by the gallery on his site.

[Image description: Four pieces of art are lined up next to each other. The first one is a side view of a person signing the ASL word “CHAMP”. Next is a grouping of black palm-trees with a colorful sunset in the background. To the right is a black and white depiction of a left hand in motion expressing the ASL word “SIGN”. The last piece of art is in classic pop art of a figure signing “LOVE” with a striped red and blue background.]


3. Clothing – Forest Souls

Reconnect to nature and check out these eco-friendly designs. Committed to protecting and restoring ecosystems, Forest souls is a deaf owned businesses that promises to plant a new tree for each item ordered. Take a look at their “forest-inspired” clothing line, handbags, and hats!

[Image description: First item is a white t-shirt with a large tree with roots extending downward. Next is a black tank top with the forest souls logo in green. To the right is a bag with pink, blue, and black trees form a heart with the words “Protect your forest” at the top and a black t-shirt with a moon and tree representing a dream catcher with feathers hanging below in gradient rainbow colors in the middle.]


4. Soap – ZoeClementineSoap

Made with lots of love, these handcrafted cold pressed natural soaps are created  with various scents and colors. From revitalizing eucalyptus to relaxing lavender, you’re sure to find the perfect scent at this coda shop.


5. Candles – L.I.V Project

These made by hand soy candles come in several scents as well as helping others! Touched by cancer- this coda set up the L.I.V project as a way to raise funds for those faced with financial hardships while battling this serious disease. A portion of all sales go to an individual and their family to help with medical bills and lost wages. To find out more, stop by her website.

[Image description: Four different candles in four photos are lined up next to each other. Each candle is surrounded by the scents represented in the candle. The first one is lemongrass and sage, second is cedar wood and vanilla, third is coriander and tonka, and the fourth is red ginger and safran.]


6. Jewelry – Louder Jewelry

Looking for something truly unique? Take a look at custom made ASL jewelry from Louder Jewelry! ASL fingerspelled “name” necklaces to ASL letter studs, there is even mini ILY hand earrings. Customers are able to customize their order by choosing one of the many finishes available. Our favorite- the closed-captioning earrings!

[Image description: The first photo is a close up of an hand holding an earlobe with two earrings- a solid heart and an ILY sign. Next is a gold necklace on a wooden stump with ASL letters spelling “NANCY”. Last is a close up of a hand holding two earrings with “CC” representing closed captioning.]


7. Art – Jennifer Tandoc

This Deaf artist’s intricate style and attention to detail will blow your mind. Her black and white works include various examples of  ASL imagery including various handshapes and signs. Take a peek at her etsy page for more!


[Four black and white hand drawn pieces of art are lined up one right next to the other. The first one is of two hands signing “COFFEE” in ASL in a steam cloud rising from a cup of coffee. Next is a tree, the third is various ASL handshapes surrounded by different shapes. The fourth is the ASL word “GROW” broken down into three steps with flowers, plants, and butterflies.]


8. Clothing – Linguistic Outsider

Who doesn’t like a throwback? GA  Check out these retro-printed tee’s, phone covers and even pillow cases all created by a coda that will have you reminiscing about the days of TTY’s and Sidekicks! SK

[Image description: racerback black tank top with a colorful sidekick in the middle. Text on the tank reads “I’d rather have a sidekick.” Next is an orange i=phone cover with a TTY in the middle. The text reads “TTY later”. To the right is a black t-shirt with a TTY in the middle, the text at the bottom reads “est 1995”. Last is a white pillow with a TTY in the middle with the words “GA GA” at the top and “SK SK” at the bottom.]


9. Household Items – A_Line

Based out of NYC, these household items include art, decor, and handmade cards by a coda! Not in NYC and can’t catch a pop-up shop? You can grab gifts for the people on your list by heading to the website and placing an order.

[Image description: First photo is a painted wood table top with a painted design. Next is a christmas ornament with created with eucalyptus. A grey pillow is to the right and finally a beaded garland with purple tassels.]


10. Items – Deafroot

Looking for more ASL related items? Check out Deafroot’s wood crafted name placards in ASL, ASL fingerspelling, key chains, and more! Custom orders including poems and quotes can also be placed online.

[Image description: Three photos depict three different woodworking items. The first photo is a wood placard with ASL letters spelling “Sebastian”. Next is various wood cutouts of ASL fingerspelling letters- S, A, I, M, Y and an ILY sign. Last is two keychains with the words KERI and LUKE in ASL, and “Be you” and “Stay cool” in pyrography english at the bottom the keychain.]



Don’t forget to check out 2016 and 2015 gift lists for even more ideas! Do you know of more Deaf community businesses or k/coda gift ideas? Share them with us via email- oneKODAheart@gmail.com!


**All of the information above can be found online; KODAheart is not liable for any issues with vendors. KODAheart did not receive payment or compensation from the businesses listed, all information is shared solely to encourage patronage of Deaf Community entrepreneurs.