10 Even Even More Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


Still on the hunt for gift ideas for this holiday season? No Look no further- the KODAheart team has compiled yet ANOTHER list of gift ideas for you! The best part in our previous lists, these gifts keep on giving: they are created by/purchased from members of our own Deaf community! Want more? Check out our previous lists for additional ideas!


1. Clothing – Pride Socks

A coda-owned company with a great message; “when people are proud of who they are, where they are and what they do in life, they can and will accomplish their dreams.” Grab a colorful pair of socks or a t-shirt and pass on the positive energy!!

[Image description: Four pairs of colorful calf length socks are lined up. The first pair on the left side are black with primary colored circle outlines. Some of the circles are filled in with multiple rings. The second pair are blue with different campsite images with a tents and trees stacked up one on top of each other separated by a rainbow border. The next pair is a repeating primary color zigzag pattern. The last pair is horizontally striped with light and dark primary colors.]

2. Workout – JC Sports Performance 

New year resolutions typically include getting in shape- Jason Coleman is a deaf certified trainer customized workout routines for all ages. JC Sports Performances also leads specific sport trainings for teams. Take a look at his site for information how you can reserve a future workout!

[Image description: Four images of groups of people of varying ages performing different exercises. In the first image a line of people in the background watch one person engaged in movement. The second photo is of a group performing pushups. The next photo has a line of young children with their hands on a wall kicking up their feet while an adult looks on from behind. One child in front of the line does not have his hands on the wall, instead looking at the child on next to them. The last photo shows a group lifting kettlebells in a mirrored room.]

3. Art 258 Creative Craft

What time is it? Time for ASL!! 258 Creative Crafts creates amazing wall clocks that use ASL to mark the minutes and hours! Create a personalized clock for someone you love by choosing custom colors for your favorite sports fanatic or school graduate!  

[Image description: A variety of clocks with colorful ASL number handshapes instead of numbers. The first clock is blue with orange handshapes. In the middle where the clock hands are located is the image of Houston Colts logo. The next image is of a different colored ILY hands. The third clock is black with red, orange and green ASL number handshapes. The last clock is also black with purple and pink ASL number handshapes.]

4. Household – Bearwood Reclaimed Furniture

Are you interested in recycling and reusing? Bearwood is all about reclaiming wood and turning it into masterpieces that you’ll love to gift to family and friends. From furniture to picture frames this deaf carpenter does it all! Take a look below!

[Image description: Four photos of various wood items. The first photo is a burnt wood finished hutch with an opening under the tabletop and two barn style front doors. The next image is of a light wood ILY with a grey and brown wood behind it making the ILY pop out. It is framed in a dark brown. The next image is of various colorful contrasting pieces of wood in a concentric pattern. The last photo is a cabinet with two framed doors with chicken wire on the front. Parts of the cabinet is covered in blue, the hardware (hinges and knobs) are red.]

5. Art – CODA rocks

Looking for a unique and heart-touch gift? CODA rocks is it! Hand painted rocks by a coda artist with various colorful images, quotes, and coda sayings. Grab a couple to wrap up and send to a friend!

[Image description: In the first photo is of various shaped rocks painted with a Santa Claus face. The next photo is of a turquoise painted rock with the words “BIG Heart”. A heart shape is between the two words. Next is a green painted rock with “Be grateful and love alot” surrounded by little white dots. The void in the letters are filled in with different colors. The last photo is of orange, blue, red and green painted rocks with the word coda in the middle of a heartbeat line.]

6. Art- 58 creativity

Searching for a new piece of artwork? Check out these fantastic images featuring american sign language by deaf graphic design artist Brittany Castle. From prints to stickers, they are the perfect gift for anyone looking to add to their deaf art collection!

[Image description: Five photos of various artworks. The first image is of a person doing the ASL sign for “flying through book” with the story pages flying around them. The next piece is a person doing the ASL sign for “falling for” into an ocean. The third image is a torso of an ombre colored person doing the ASL sign “CHANGE”. To the left of the person are blue dots in a line , to the right the dots are raindrops. The text in blue at the bottom of the image reads “Believe in your ability to create change”. The next photo is a darkened image of a person looking downward doing the ASL sign “INSIDE” close to her heart. The sign illuminates the image. Light colored text to the left outlining the edge of the person reads “Listening to your inner soul.” The last photo is a collection of three different stickers portraying different images. The image on the left is of a person wearing a flower crown signing “LOVE” with the word “love” in the background. The second sticker is person signing “IMAGINE” with a rainbow of color emerging from the sign. The last sticker is a person signing “INSPIRE” with small splashes of color emitting from each hand.]

7. Household- KissFistBiz

These ASL slang mugs are a great gift for any coffee or tea drinker! Just pick out one of these clever designs featuring sign phrases! Bonus points if you load it up with tea or beans from fellow deaf business Pepperbox Coffee!

[Image description: Five white mugs are pictured with various ASL sayings in black text. They read “Train zoom”, “Tru biz”, “DoDo?”, “That!”, and “Kissfist”.


8. Clothing – Deaf Is Cool

This creative design combines the relatively universally recognized ILY sign with British Sign Language letters! The best part, however, is that profits from the site support deaf spaces and local deaf artists in Lee, London UK. Pick up a few for your friends, available in both kid and adult sizes!

[Image description: Different types of apparel lined up with an ILY sign. The ILY sign is made up of gold British Sign Language handshapes. The first image is of a teal t-shirt, the next is a pink tank top, third is a white baby onesie, and finally a black t-shirt.]

9. Art – Wild Bluebonnet Shop

Show off your sign language pride with these various magnets, bags, water bottles and more! With so many items to choose from, you’ll definitely find something for everyone on your list. The best part- many of the items on her etsy site are customizable!

[Image description- ASL handshape alphabet outlined in white on varied colorful circle magents. The next image is of a white canvas bag filled with items with a gold colored periodic table square for the gold element with ASL handshapes “A and U”. In the third image is white and black ILY handshapes outlined in various colored circle magnets. Lastly is three waterbottles (grey, red, purple, and teal) with white ASL handshapes spelling out “MICHAEL”, “JOHN”, “BARBRA”, and “OLIVIA”.]

10. Jewelry – Rings and coffee

Twin designers Jan and Jen can help you create handmade sentimental pieces for your loved ones. From personalized rings and pendants in either ASL fingerspelling or english, these creations will be cherished for a long time. You can even grab an ASL fingerspelling dog tag for the puppers on your gift list!

[Image description: The first image is of a hand holding a coffee mug, on the thumb is a silver ring that reads “be still”. The next is of a silver dog tag in the shape of a bone with the name “Chance”. Above the name is the ASL fingerspelling letters “CHANCE”. The third image is of three rings, each with different ASL fingerspelling. The last image is of three silver charms each with a different ASL handshapes “C”, “ILY”, and “M”.]

Don’t forget to check out our previous gift lists- 20172016 and 2015 for even more ideas! Do you know of more Deaf community businesses or k/coda gift ideas? Share them with us via email- oneKODAheart@gmail.com!


**All of the information above can be found online; KODAheart is not liable for any issues with vendors. KODAheart did not receive payment or compensation from the businesses listed, all information is shared solely to encourage patronage of Deaf Community entrepreneurs.