International Week of the Deaf 2018

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During the last week in September communities across the US and around the world come together to celebrate the International Week of the Deaf (also known as Deaf Awareness Week). It is a time to recognize the languages, cultures, and experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people. This year’s theme ” With Sign Language, Everyone is Included” is fitting because International Day of Sign Languages was celebrated for the first time on the 24th!  Throughout the week many organizations planned events and hosted activities, all to celebrate deaf culture. KODAheart participated by posting a variety of activities and resources for kodas and their families. For more information about International Week of the Deaf, check out The World Federation of the Deaf’s facebook page.






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From growing up in #multilingual, #multicultural #bimodal households, using technolog,  #DeafParents help shape unique life experiences for kodas. In recognition of #InternationalWeekOfTheDeaf, KODAheart celebrates ten of the ways that growing up with deaf parents is awesome! . . . [Image Description: A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] Ways Deaf Parents Are Awesome!” In the background, a child’s hand reaches up to grasp an adult hand with red nail polish.] . . #internationalweekofthedeaf #iwdeaf2018 #internationaldeafweek #deafawareness #deafawarenessweek ‪ #deafawarenessweek2018 #coda #koda #deafparents #kodapride #codapride #hearingchildrendeafparents #kodalove #codalove #kodaheart #childrenofdeafadults #motherfatherdeaf #codasaroundtheworld #bilingual #bimodal #ASL #kodakids #deafparented

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It’s never too early to get your family involved in activities that support various causes directly affecting the deaf community! Your family can do this by organizing your own letter writing campaign. Invite friends over to create letters or postcards that summarize your message and send them together. Some ideas include a letter to your state legislature supporting National Lead-K Campaign for Deaf Kids or Deaf Grassroots Movement – DGM, a letter to various Hollywood studios to support Deaf Talent, or a letter to your local movie theater headquarters such as AMC, Regal Cinemas, or Cinemark to request more open caption movies be shown locally. Pick one, two or all three causes! Starting a letter writing campaign is a great way to get involved in contributing and supporting positive change within the community! Check out the links below for postcard templates with “#deaftalent”, “#captionthis”, “language equality”, “together”, and “language access”- just print at home or at a local print shop and get to writing!







k3activismpostcard1                                                       k3activismpostcard2