10 Things to do now that KODA Camp is over

[Image Description: A thumb, outlined in black, signs “10” with accompanying text that reads: “KODAheart’s [10] things to do now that koda camp is over”. In the background is an image of a grassy field. Soft sunlight breaks through trees, lighting the grasses from behind.]

1. Use technology! Google hangout/skype/vp with your camp friends (with parent’s permission of course!) If you are over 13, add your new friends on social media, swap photos & camp stories!

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.01.56 PM

2. Make scrapbook: pull out those arts & crafts creations and camp photos documenting your time at camp and put them together in a fun way!

3. Wear your camp t-shirts/ team t-shirts around your hometown with pride!

Image Description: A group of different colored t-shirts are stacked vertically on top of a black background.

4. Share your camp experience with other koda friends/siblings that haven’t attended camp- invite them to attend next year!

5. Cook! Re-create your favorite camp meal for your family by asking your parents for help! YUM!

Image Description: A white plate has a bowl containing tomato soup with three basil leaves floating on the top to the right of a grilled cheese sandwich cut in half.

6. Share a good memory/what you miss/ what you learned/ crazy story with your family, show off the new signs you learned from camp!

7. Get everyone together! Parents- organize a family koda gathering (bowling/trampoline park/ect.) with other koda families or travel to a local KODAheart event!

8. Put together a camp playlist of all the songs over the summer at camp to re-live some of the amazing memories!

[Image Description: At the top, several small photos of album covers. At the top, white text on a black background reads “KODA camp”. Under that is a bright green button with “Play” in white text. At the bottom, a list of songs is organized into columns by various artists and from various albums.]

9. Get a few friends together and play your favorite outdoor camp game!

10. Create a countdown for registration/1st day of camp!

Image Description: A blank calendar with the title “countdown to camp!” has a number in red beginning with 365 to 331. The numbers are in red, days 365-348 are crossed off with black ink. A red sharpie is on the right side of the calendar while a black sharpie is horizontally placed on the right side, covering some of the numbers.