10 Even Even More More Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


Are you still on the search for presents this holiday season? No worries- the KODAheart team has compiled ANOTHER list of gift ideas for you! The best part? These gifts keep on giving, they are created by/purchased from members of our own Deaf community! Want more? Check out our previous lists for additional ideas!


1. Art – DeafStuff

Show off your ASL pride with some Deaf Stuff swag! Snag a few bright colorful vinyl stickers for your laptop, a deaf or coda phone case, and an ILY backpack and you’ll be all set! Check out their website for even more items including hoodies and shirts.

[Image description: 3 photos of different products. The first photo shows the back of a laptop covered in stickers relating to culturally deaf concepts like the phrase ‘Trubiz 8585’, Train gone, sorry’, Vee’ and others. The second photo is of 2 phones in cases. The case on the left has the word coda fingerspelled on it, the case on the right has the word deaf fingerspelled on the back. The third photo is of one red and one black backpack. The red backpack has the word coda fingerspelled on it, while the black one has a colorful ILY handshape on it.]

2. Clothing- LilaPip

Run by two deaf women, Lila&Pip (Literacy through Language Parent-Infant/ Toddler Program) focuses on giving families an early advantage with American Sign Language. Their website is full of opportunities for families to practice early ASL skills. They also have some fantastic clothing as well as gift cards for Lila&Pip classes!

[Image description: A row of 4 different articles of clothing. The first a black sweatshirt with a white ILY handshape, the palm of the hand has the shape of a heart colored into it. The second, a grey T-shirt with the english letters ILY in black. Third, a light grey tank top with white handshapes. And finally, a black onesie with a gold ILY handshape, the palm of the hand has the shape of a heart colored into it.]

3. Art- Claire Callow 

London based Coda Artist Claire Callow pulls from her bilingual upbringing in the deaf community to create her images. She captures beautifully the use of British Sign Language through conversations with her Mum through pen and pencil as well as print. Take a look at her various works of art on her website or instagram page.

[Image description: 3 different illustrations depicting 2 women in the process of a signed conversation in BSL.]

4. Jewelry Raine Collective (Deaf)

With the mission of “Empowering deaf females everywhere” the Raine is made up of handmade jewelry and home goods created by a collective of female deaf artists. Check out their etsy page for various on trend earrings for those on your gift list! 

[Image description: 4 panels showing 4 different circular pairs of earrings. The left most pair are two different shades of black with a golden leopard print overlay on the bottom 3/4s of the circle. The second pair are red circles with golden flecks on them. The third pair are a quarter black, three quarters gold circles that dangle. And the last pair are beige circles with gold dots. The first and second pair have a cardboard backing that reads Raine collective. The fourth pair has a cardboard backing that reads Raine + CO with a crown over the lettering.]

5. Clothing-  To Sign Is Human 

Did you know only 3% deaf children, worldwide, receive education in sign language?! Hu is a campaign to raise awareness on early sign language acquisition for young deaf children. “To sign is human” is a call for equal access to sign language, as a human right. Snag a HU shirt or two this holiday season!

[Image description: A row of 4 different products that display the logo for To Sign is Human, in front of a brick wall. A pink sleeveless shirt with black border and lettering, a white pin with black border and lettering, a grey t-shirt with dark border and lettering, and a white tote bag with black border, lettering, and straps.]

6. Books- UniverSilent

The year is now 3127 A.D. A thousand years have passed since Earth, now Eyeth, went silent. With this being the new normal, supernatural abilities turned into Deaf Powers and empowered future descendants! Find out more by snagging your own copy of UniverSilent- a comic series with deaf characters. Kevin M. Kessler, the artist was inspired by his own life within the Deaf culture to create the UniverSilent comics.

[Image description: 2 comic book covers with illustrations of a vast array of colorful futuristic beings and droids. On top of both is the word ‘UNIVERSILENT’ in blue and gold lettering.]

7. Household- Deafgreenthumbs 

Looking for the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life- Deafgreenthumbs has the solution! Not only do they have planters and pots, they also provide customized plant coaching to help you get your own green thumb. Grab a couple pots and a green thumb  print by Jena Floyd! 

Image description: 4 photos of different plant related products. 3 different types of planters and one mug with hands on it that have a plant growing out of it.]

8. Books- Coda Biographies

For the readers on your list, take a look at the newest coda biographies. These could be for deaf parents, codas, or anyone curious about growing up in the deaf community.  Tell ‘em, Burn down the ground, Between two worlds, Paris in America, and On the beat of truth.

[Image description: A row of five different book covers. First is the cover for Tell ‘em, then Burn down the ground, followed by Between two worlds and Paris in America, and lastly is On the beat of truth.]

9. Art- ChicByBoop 

Got a coffee addict on your list? Check out these pieces of art made from actual coffee! Self taught Coda artist Bahola “B” Johnson creates her masterpieces using a “roux” of coffee and water. Commissions are welcomed.. Not a coffee fan? No worries- she also has watercolor and oil artwork for sale as well!

[Image description: A row of 4 pieces of artwork. They are a lighthouse. A portrait of Jack Skellington, the protagonist of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. A scene of trees and their shadows. And finally, a cup of coffee spilling upward, with the spilling coffee in the shape of a heart. All portraits are colored in a dark brown from the coffee grounds.]

10. Clothing- Language Priority 

Spreading awareness about deafness, language acquisition, American Sign Language, and the Deaf community!

[Image description: A row of four shirts. A purple t-shirt with the word advocate repeated on the front. A dark green t-shirt with the phrase ‘O Christmas Tree’ fingerspelled and arranged in the shape of a tree. A maroon sweatshirt with the word thankful fingerspelled with the english word underneath it. And finally a light green t-shirt with the english phrase you matter inside of a depiction of the sign for important.]


Check out our past gift lists for even more Deaf community businesses to shop: 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015. Do you know of a Deaf community businesses or k/coda gift idea? Share them with us via email at oneKODAheart@gmail.com!

**All of the information above can be found online; KODAheart is not liable for any issues with vendors. KODAheart did not receive payment or compensation from the businesses listed, all information is shared solely to encourage patronage of Deaf Community entrepreneurs. Store links valid at the time of posting. Sellers are encouraged to share updated contact information with us.